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Thread Grease

TPL20AG Platinum Lube


  • Friction factor of 1.0

  • Primarily petroleum hydrocarbon-free

  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-contaminating & metal free

  • Protects against galling and seizing

  • Washout resistant

  • Effective in monitor well operations

  • Resealing properties

  • Residual lubrication

TPL20 Platinum Lube is a premium grade metal-free tool joint compound manufactured from a non-hydrocarbon base, to provide a product that is primarily petroleum hydrocarbon- free. TPL20 is non-contaminating, resists washout, and will not harden or dry out, providing maximum protection to the drill string. TPL20 enables ease of make-up and break-out of all joints, reduces friction, and provides proper thread and shoulder protection under various operating conditions. It prevents galling, seizing, thread damage and excessive thread wear, which results in prolonged tool joint life. TPL20 may contain trace amounts of petroleum hydrocarbons. A sample from each batch is sent to an independent lab to verify parts per million of petroleum hydrocarbons present, if any.


TPL20 Platinum Lube is highly recommended for all lubrication requirements to increase equipment efficiency and operating life. Applications include all drill strings and tool joints for thread protection and corrosion prevention.

TEL32 Enviro Lube was tested in conformance with the requirements of API formulated thread compounds. The absence of metals eliminates galvanic corrosion while making TEL32 Enviro Lube the ideal thread compound for today’s stringent environmental concerns. It is a superior, non-metallic thread compound for casing, tubing, premium connections, and line pipe. TEL32 meets the objective for eliminating hazardous materials in the work place as presented in OSHA Communication 29 CFR 1910.1200.


TEL32 will provide excellent lubricity to premium connections designed to provide metal-to-metal sealing. It will also provide continuous sealing properties, corrected make-up/breakout torque, and corrosion protection to tubular goods during short periods of storage.

TEL32 has passed the LC-50 toxicity test and has a friction factor of 1.0.


Apply TEL32 Enviro Lube for casing, tubing, premium connections, and line pipe services.

TEL32 EnviroLube


  • Conforms to API RP 5A3/ISO 13678

  • Resistant to CO2 and H2S

  • Biodegradable, metal-free & non-hazardous

  • Environmental alternative for API recommendations

  • Meets requirements for service and storage needs

  • Contains corrosion inhibitors

  • Services temperatures >500°F (260°C)

  • Friction factor of “1”

  • Superior performance on API 8-round, buttress, and premium metal-to-metal seal connections

TCL21AG Copper Thread Lube


  • Low temperature application

  • Prevents galling and seizing

  • 0.9 friction factor

  • Increases thread life

  • Lead and zinc free

  • resists corrosion to thread surfaces

  • Will not build up in thread roots

221AG Copper Seal II is a lead free, zinc free thread compound that is used in low temperature conditions. 221AG can be used on tool joints and drill collars, as well as for breaking in new tool joints. 221AG is recommended for use on all rotary shouldered connections, as well as on oilfield tubing and casing connections. There will be no metal buildup on the threads thereby eliminating wire brushing the connections after each run. The Friction Factor is 0.9 as determined by API -5A3/ISO 13678, and conforms to API RP7G make-up charts. 221AG is not classified as a marine pollutant.

221AG assures consistent make-up torque, and is effective when used on downhole tools, or pumping equipment in low temperature application conditions.


TCL21AG Copper Thread Lube is recommended for drill collars, drill pipe, tool joints, rotary- shouldered connections, tubing, casing, and fishing tools. TCL21AG Copper Thread Lube is also recommended for application to stainless steel connections as well as threaded and flanged connections in steam injection, primary recovery, and fire flood wells.

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