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Bentonite Hole Plug 3/8"

The 3/8″ Hole Plug is screen-sized bentonite composed of a naturally occurring clay which is used to seal and plug earthen boreholes.

The 3/8″ Hole Plug material will travel through water standing in the hole and reach the bottom of the hole with minimum hydration or swelling. The annular space can be completely filled, and bridging of the particles in the upper portion of the hole minimized.

The annular space being completely filled is necessary to form an effective, long-term plug.

  • Environmental monitoring wells

  • Sealing outside casing annulus

  • Plugging decommissioned boreholes

  • Sealing lost-circulation zones

  • Sealing above gravel packs​

Tundra Bentonite Hole Plug 3/8
  • Prevents entry of surface water into boreholes

  • Forms a permanent, flexible, downhole seal

  • Allows hole re-entry

  • Easy to apply, no mixing expense

  • More cost effective compared to pelletised bentonite

Call one of our industry specialists to discuss options and specifications.
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