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Grout Composition 20% and 30%

Tundra carries granular bentonite grouting composition from 20% to 30% yield.

Our granular bentonite grouting composition contains high-swelling sodium montmorillonite clay. It is designed for use in water wells and monitoring wells, for sealing the annular space around well casing, and for plugging drilled holes and abandoned wells. The composition contains no organic additives or polymers.

This one-sack formulation of bentonite grouting composition mixes with freshwater to yield a pump-able grouting slurry with an extended working time. When set up, the grout develops a satisfactory seal with adequate structural strength and low-hydraulic conductivity.

When properly placed the grouting composition remains flexible, rehydratable and unstratified through heating and cooling cycles.

  • Sealing and grouting casing

  • Sanitary sealing in water well construction

  • Sealing monitor wells

  • Plugging and abandoning exploration boreholes

  • Geothermal applications

Tundra Bentonite Grout
  • Inorganic, non-fermenting and non-toxic

  • Develops lower-solids slurries up to 20% or 30% total active solids

  • Easily mixed and handled with most conventional mixing equipment

  • Permanent, flexible seal prevents entry of contaminants from the surface

  • Extended working time controlled by grout solids content

  • Firm texture providing structural stability after grout set

Call one of our industry specialists to discuss options and specifications.
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