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Sonic Tooling

Sonic Drilling: A Sound Solution for Frustrating Formations

One of the most common challenges in mining is getting a quality core sample from unconsolidated or fragile ground. With sonic technology, mining operations are discovering that they can overcome this challenge, with an accuracy and efficiency that cannot be achieved with conventional drilling techniques.


Sonic is an advance form of drilling which utilizes high-frequency, resonant energy to advance a core barrel into subsurface formations. During drilling, the resonant energy is transferred down the drill string to the bit face at various sonic frequencies. The simultaneous rotation of the string evenly distributes the energy and impact at the bit face and enables the string to advance efficiently. Once the sample is contained in the core barrel, an outer casing is drilled over the barrel to the same depth. No fluid or water is necessary. This technique keeps the hole stabilized in formations prone to caving, such as loose or heaving sand, clay, till, gravel, boulders or cobbles.

Tundra is an exclusive distributor of Boart Longyear Sonic Tooling.

Boart Longyear’s core barrel bits and casing shoes use high-grade tungsten carbide inserts and premium steel for increased strength and toughness. Boart Longyear’s state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and facilities, coupled with its stringent quality control ensure each product produced meets the highest standard of quality.

Boart Longyear’s sonic drill rods, core barrels and casing feature a heat-treated pin and box, dramatically increasing wear-resistance and the life of rods. By using high carbon alloys and advanced engineering, it increases fatigue resistance and maximizes productivity. Additionally, joint strength is increased by friction-welding the tool joints to the midbody of each rod. Contact your Tundra representative for specs and sizes.

Tundra offers flange assemblies, casing plugs and rings, cross-over subs, adapters, sub-savers, and retrieving tools.

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