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Casing Shoes

Tundra exclusively sells Boart Longyear sonic casing shoes which use high-grade tungsten carbide inserts and premium steel for increased strength and toughness.

Boart Longyear Sonic Steel Casing Shoes

Usage: Normal multipurpose operating conditions. Sizes 4.75" - 12" (120.65 mm - 304.8 mm)

Boart Longyear Sonic Heavy Duty Casing Shoes with Wear Pad

Usage: Contains tungsten carbide wear pads for severely abrasive formations. Sizes 6" - 12" (152.4 mm - 304.8 mm)

Boart Longyear Sonic Sandstone Casing Shoes

Usage: Abrasive or in swelling ground conditions
(can also be used in conjunction with the full face core barrel bit). Sizes 4" - 6" (120.65 mm - 152.4 mm)

Call one of our industry specialists to discuss options and specifications.
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