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TundraLube DTH Hammer Oil

DTH Hammer Oil. TundraLube is ideal for DTH Hammer protection.

TundraLube is a biodegradable lubricant specifically formulated and engineered for pneumatic equipment including rock drills, hammers, and similar percussion tools. It is manufactured from select vegetable oil bases and carefully engineered additive chemistry.

TundraLube is 95% biodegradable within 21 days using the standard CEC-L-33-T-82 test. It is not WHMIS “controlled” or TDG “regulated.”

TundraLube is formulated to yield maximum antiwear, anti-scuffing and corrosion resistance combined with low consumption and high biodegradability. It has higher natural lubrication and metal-wetting properties than mineral (petroleum) oils. This lubricant will form a more tenacious layer for boundary lubrication.

TundraLube is non-staining and non-misting.


  • Biodegradable and non-toxic

  • Lowered consumption of lubricant

  • Elimination/reduction of oil mists in the air

  • Maintenance of constant boundary film on

  • equipment

  • Extended equipment life

  • Health, safety and environmentally sensitive engineering



TundraLube is used as received for all rock drill operations. It can completely replace mineral (petroleum) type drill lubricants covering I.S.O. viscosity grades of 32 to 68 due to its stable viscosity (high viscosity index).

TundraLube can also be used for total loss lubrication of chains and equipment requiring a heavy, tenacious film.

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