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Augers & Cutters

Drill Steel Tooling - Augers
  • Auger diameters from 28mm to 1680mm
  • Working lengths from 0.5m to 6m
  • Square connections with or without flushing hole from 13mm to 24mm
  • Hexagon or octagon connections from 29 mm to 210 mm
  • Special round tapped connection (Stihl)
  • All types of API threaded connections like API REG 
  • Dual key hollow stem auger connections
  • Lead augers and cutter heads for all types of ground
Tundra's offers a wide range of “small” diameter auger drill string components for mining in soft to medium ground conditions, mainly used in coal and salt mines. One of the biggest advantages of our mining augers is the snap lock connection, which allows a very comfortable and fast connecting and disconnecting of the augers. Moreover most connections are available in two versions – sealed with flushing hole or solid.
Augers for Mining
Auger Cutter Head Toothed
Tundra provides the right cutter heads for all types of auger for use in all soil formations:
  • Fishtail bits
  • Toothed cutter heads
  • Rock cutter heads with T.C. picks
  • Trench wing cutter heads
  • Wing cutter heads with included rock cutter
  • Tricone bits
    Step-type drag bits
Cutter heads for drill steel augers
Call one of our industry specialists to get the right auger components for
all your operations.
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