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Drill Steel, Tooling & Accessories

Drill Pipes and Drilling Tools

Tundra carries drill pipes and drill string components for all drill rig types and are designed for minimizing operation costs and maximizing your drilling productivity. Use of the highest quality in materials and manufacturing results in the highest performance of our products and your projects.


Our API and ISO-approved quality management system ensures an entire material traceability. Our skilled team of specialists are always available for your support.

  • Drill pipes from 35mm to 300mm OD – up to 219mm OD in friction welded version

  • Available for drill rigs from EPIROC, Sandvik, CAT, Bucyrus, Cubex, Driltech, Hausherr, Ingersoll Rand, Nordmeyer, Prakla, Soilmec/Drillmec, and more.

  • Standard thread types like API Regular, API NC, API FH, API IF, BECO, Cubex, Z-threads, RD (round threads), and more

  • Casings

  • Drilling Tools: drill bits, drill collar, stabilizer, subs, check valves, hoisting equipment, fishing equipment, etc.

  • Optional hard facing for wear protection in abrasive ground conditions

  • RC drill pipes from OD 88.9mm to 273mm

  • Standard design with o-rings, alternative with special flat seal system (OF-version)

  • All common industry standards like Metzke, Remet, Matrix, DR, API and Perforator threads

  • Accessories: crossover subs, digout subs, blow-down subs, blow-up subs, etc.

  • Non-magnetic stainless steel RC drill pipes

  • Friction welded and integrally forged HDD drill pipes

  • HDD drill pipes for many drill rig types from Mini to Maxi like Ditch Witch, Vermeer, American Auger, Prime Drilling, Herrenknecht, Tracto Technik, Flow Tex and many more

  • Optional with hard banding as wear protection

Augers and Cutters for vertical or horizontal drilling are mainly used for mining, construction and investigation projects. Tundra offers a wide range of auger drill string components for soft to medium ground conditions. One of the biggest advantages of our augers is the snap lock connection, which allows a very comfortable and fast connecting and disconnecting of the augers. GEOTECH AND ENVIRO AUGERS ARE HERE.

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