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High Yield Premium Bentonite

High Yield Bentonite is a premium 220-bbl yield Wyoming bentonite blended with special extenders, producing a substance that will yield more than twice as much viscosity as regular Wyoming bentonite.

Tundra’s gel is a high-yielding, easily mixed, superior mud-making bentonite for freshwater.


Our High Yield Bentonite is used in the following applications to rapidly build mud viscosity and provide superior hole cleaning, as well as to help control lost circulation, formation sloughing and promote hole stability in unconsolidated formations.

  • Potable-water wells

  • Mineral exploration (coring and rotary drilling)

  • Horizontal directional drilling

  • Blast holes

  • Shaft drilling

  • Monitor/observations wells

  • Gel-foam air-drilling applications

  • Yields more quickly than API-standard bentonite

  • Non-toxic and proven suitable for use in drilling potable water wells

  • Increased penetration rates are exhibited due to lower solids content than regular bentonite systems

  • Transportation and storage costs are reduced due to lower treatment requirements as compared to bentonite

Call one of our industry specialists to discuss options and specifications.
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