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Ground Engagement Tools

Tundra is an exclusive distributor of MTG ground engagement tools. MTG is a leading specialist in the design and manufacture of high quality ground engaging tools for mining, construction and dredging machinery so we can ensure the utmost productivity and performance while we offer our customers the best service.


Select from a wide range of full bucket solutions for excavators. MTG offers solutions based on cast lips for excavators >250 t and based on plate lips for excavators <500t.

Check out the six Rope Shovel solutions we offer for different dipper designs, representing the most common configurations.

Our solutions are the perfect fit for a wide range of wheel loaders, maximizing their performance by increasing productivity while reducing operating costs. Choose from 2 full bucket solutions especially designed for wheel loaders working in the harsh conditions of mine sites. 

Call one of our industry specialists to discuss options and specifications.
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