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DTH Hammer Break Out Bench

Our proprietary Tundra Down-the-Hole Hammer Bench is the best tool you need for conserving and extending the life and productivity of DTH Hammers. This powerful tool makes routine maintenance and rebuilding of down-the-hole hammers, easier, faster, and safer.

Simplicity of Operation

Breaking down and assembling down-the-hole hammers is one of the most frequent problems for drillers. Its exclusive remote control helps keep the operation safe and fast with just one person.


The Tundra Breakout Bench comes with an optional crane that will lift any DTH hammer off the ground or service truck, place it in the saddle after which you can break the hammer apart, service, re-assemble, torque to specs. The crane will then lay the fresh hammer and bit on your hammer rack – or back on your service truck – without the use of a fork lift or overhead crane.


Tundra Breakout Bench keeps the operator away from the tool when breaking out the hammer by use of standard wired remote control. An optional safety screen is also available. Tundra recommends the use of a safety screen during all stages of operation. Failure to do so may cause serious injury.

All Tundra hammers require make up prior to operation to ensure proper performance and avoid premature wear to the internal components and possible component failures.

Down the Hole Hammer Breakout Bench by Tundra. DTH Breakout Bench.
DTH Breakout Bench from Tundra with protection screen.
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