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Rotary Deck Bushings

Our Rotary Deck Bushings deliver increased drilling production and reduced maintenance costs for blast hole drills. Precision machined, the Rotary Deck Bushing is a ball bearing assembly with 2 or 3 bearing races situated between a stationary outer body and a rotating inner sleeve.

The sealed bearings require no lubrication.

Rotary Deck Bushings for Rotary Drilling Operations

The Rotary Deck Bushings are a drop-in replacement for the friction bushing supplied by the drill manufacturer and require no deck or breakout system modifications. High quality materials ensure top performance from each and every bushing.

Drill operators using our Rotary Deck Bushings report extended drill steel life, increased penetration rates and lower rig vibration levels.

Years of field experience have proven that tundra rotary deck bushings outlast conventional deck bushings and are more cost effective.

Call one of our industry specialists to discuss options and specifications.
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