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Split Barrel, Standard Penetration and Tube Samplers

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Split Barrel Sampler:

All-Purpose Sampler used for visual classification, contamination content and moisture determination.  The Split Barrel permits removal of sample as it is taken from the ground. Generally driven by a 140 lb. safety hammer.

Tundra supplies a variety of sizes and TPI (threads per inch) available. Call today for more info. 

Standard Penetration Sampler:

Used for the same purpose as the Split Barrel Sampler. Recovers samples for visual inspection in the field and for general classification testing in the laboratory.

The sample and split liners are removed by unscrewing the shoe, a process which does not require disconnection of the sampler from the drill rod.

Tundra supplies a variety of sizes and threads available. Call today for more info.

Tube Sampler:

This sampler is the simplest and probably most widely used of the quality samplers.  Sampler is forced down under steady pressure and sample is taken inside tube.

Tundra supplies a variety of quality sizes and threads. 

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